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Bedside Cabinets Partitions and Furniture Items

Long Established Business of Over 66 Years

FUYO Co., Ltd has been dealing with medical and healthcare facility furniture, equipment, and similar products for 66 long years. Private room layouts and bed arrangements in hospitals and nursing homes varies between facilities. FUYO Co., Ltd. focuses on developing products that prioritize patient safety and comfort, minimize the burden on the body, and are easy to use and accessible, thereby allowing medical professionals to perform their duties efficiently.

Track Record with Installations in Over 4,250 Medical and Welfare Facilities throughout Japan

Based in Osaka, Japan, FUYO Co., Ltd. has an extensive track record throughout Japan. Our customers include general hospitals with large bed capacity, small- and medium-sized hospitals, nursing care facilities, hotels, and other lodging facilities. We have received tremendous support by our customers, numbering approximately 4,250 companies, and built a strong track record and reputation in the field.
We are currently expanding our network of achievements and proposals across Japan.

Optimized Proposals Using Our Extensive Product Range and Product Development Tailored to the User’s Needs

At FUYO Co., Ltd., we deal in more than 3,000 products, including wooden furniture for medical and nursing care facilities and massage beds for osteopathic clinics and esthetic salons.
We can create drawings of multifunctional storage furniture, partition furniture, and other items alongside designing 3DCG documents to help better visualize the product and create design proposals for a comfortable and user-friendly space in your facility.

We understand that layouts and bed arrangements differ from facility to facility and, therefore, focus on developing tailored products that prioritize patient safety and comfort, minimize the burden on the body, and optimize work efficiency for medical staff through ease-of-use and enhanced accessibility.
We customize off-the-shelf products to match the facility conditions, thereby providing original products at affordable prices.

AUTOCAD Generated Drawings

3DCG and 2D Drawings, Proposal Documents Displaying the Product.

Bedside Cabinet

A bedside cabinet is a furniture item placed at the side of the patient’s bed in a hospital or nursing home and is used in place of a table to store the patient’s daily necessities (belongings). It can also be used to place down items while assisting patients or as a treatment table when providing treatment or nursing care. There are a variety of bedside cabinet types, including those with double swinging doors and drawers for excellent storage, as well as those with refrigerator storage and TV stand functions. Our cabinets offer a diversity of added function and features for enhanced use of space and comfortability.

High-Type Bedside Cabinet

Material Safety Aspects

To ensure patient safety, we use F☆☆☆☆ (F-Four Stars)*1) for all our woods, adhesives, and paints. Surface materials are applied with antibacterial treatment. *1) This rating indicates product safety and levels of compliance with emission standards for harmful substances such as formaldehyde, which have been shown to cause Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), as certified by the Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) and the Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS) in accordance with revision to the Japan Building Standards Act. A four-star rating is the highest rating given for product safety and emission.

Round Form

Sharp corners of furnishing and equipment has been eliminated or rounded for patient safety. Front panels are manufactured using a durable resin for long-lasting use and high durability.

Drawer Falling Prevention Plate

Drawers are equipped with fall prevention plates as a standard feature to solve the problem of objects falling behind the overfilled drawers.

Medical Partitions

Since our establishment, we have accommodated a variety of requests ranging from functional partition functioning furniture with optimized design, functionality, and storage, to slim, simple, and low-profile partitions. Partitions can be installed or placed between hospital beds to block the line of sight between patients and offer privacy. Partition furniture is becoming increasingly popular as a means of converting to long-term care hospitals.

New Product Development Story

New developments include 3-row and 4-row partitions

for hospital rooms, examination rooms, and reception areas.

These user-friendly partitions are designed for easy maintenance and privacy.

Infection Control Challenges in Hospitals and Increased Demand due to COVID-19 Outbreak

Until recently, most hospitals used curtains to partition patient hospital beds. Curtains are thin and have low sound and light blocking performance, making it difficult to provide complete privacy. Moreover, curtains fabrics are prone to odors and stains and require frequent maintenance, leading to poor labor cost performance.
In the medical field, maintaining adequate physical distance between patients and medical staff is vital to preventing the spread of infectious diseases. The outbreak of the highly contagious COVID-19 virus dramatically increased demands for medical partitions. However, due to the high cost of existing products, most places found it to install the large quantities required.

Development Requests from Hospital Personnel

Hospital officials seeking solutions approached us with requests to develop and manufacture a product that would meet such needs in the field. We subsequently conducted interviews with hospitals, during which time we were informed of the expense issues and requested to develop a more affordable partition that is easy to maintain but exhibits the same performance level as existing product. The key emphasis was on cost reduction.

Pursuits for Safe and Secure Partitions for Use by Essential Workers

Partition curtains come into frequent contact with numerous people on a daily basis. However, as they are made from fabric and have a large surface area, they are difficult to wipe clean and require periodic replacement, resulting in high labor and maintenance costs.
The polyester veneer panels used on our medical partitions makes them compatible with alcohol and sodium hypochlorite, allowing daily cleaning and wiping without concern. They are easy to maintain or move about, thereby reducing the burden of medical workers while offering added security and safety for patients. The medical partitions are available in five wood-grain variations.

Easy to Move About, Expand, or Fold as Needed

While hospitals and facilities demand strict hygiene and sanitary management, they also require effective use of space due to frequent movement of beds and equipment, and the constant flow of patients or medical staff coming in and out of the facility or rooms.
To meet such needs, we have equipped quick-moving joints to all our panels. This offers fast and easy maneuverability of 3-row or 4-row partitions to accommodate stretchers and similar situations. The optional additional panels allow you to easily expand or adjust partitioned areas, allowing for wider and more flexible use of space.

Significantly Lower Cost than Existing Products from Our Competitors

To achieve cost reductions while maintaining key functions, we eliminated handles for opening, closing, and moving.

For durability, robustness, and added stability, we employed steel frames and adjusted panel width in accordance with standard bed lengths.


3-Row Partitions

4-Row Partitions

Additional Panels

Various Customer Comments after Installation

Unlike curtains, the partitions can be wiped with alcohol or hypochlorous acid solution, which is effective in infection control.

I feel that the added privacy and being able to section off areas, creates a more comfortable and relaxing environment for the patients.

The significant improvement was the compact design of the partition feet, which made it easy move around, even in small spaces.

The panels can also be readily combined, making it easier to move and rearrange items to create available space or adjust things when needed